Friday, October 14, 2011

Dan says.... Mom says ..... Jake says...

Dan: People at school say I'm mean.

Me: You're not mean, are you?

Dan:  No.  I always say I'm sorry.

Later in the day....

Dan: I repented today.

me: Oh?

Dan:  I said I didn't like a toy a boy had and he punched me in the face, and so I punched him back in the arm.

Last week Dan was crying in the bathroom and Jake went to investigate.

Jake:  Dan, what's wrong?

Dan:  I'm tired of blowing my nose.

Jake:  Well, everyone has to blow their nose sometimes,  (pause)  well almost everyone.  Do you know who doesn't have to blow their nose?

Dan:  no

Jake:  Chickens!


Saimi said...

Oh thanks for the laugh. I cracked up reading this post!! Love your new header by the way!

Megz said...

I'm going to have Jake come over to offer words of wisdom to my troubled kids.
funny post.

LC said...

Ha! That was great!

stephanie said...

loved all the stories! What funny kids