Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Kayli's Sweet Sixteen

It may be a bit odd to be writing this on Christmas Eve, but this way I won't be so far behind on Christmas, and besides it is an appropriate thing to do on a day that Kayli thoroughly enjoys.  Kayli was born six days before Christmas on, not so coincidentally, the only year that I was completely prepared for Christmas by the end of October.  That was sixteen short years ago and now she is grown into a beautiful young woman.

Kayli's birthday brownies.
Kayli hoping to get her wish.
Kayli is a very thoughtful person and I am a little worried about what our house will look like when she stops acting like Cinderella.  She does such a good job of helping out.

Kayli is very musical and has been taking guitar lessons the last three months at the same time as me.  She already plays the piano beautifully.  She has decided to go back to piano lessons rather than continuing with guitar.  We'll see if she really learns guitar on her own like she thinks she will.  I didn't have much success with that!  Thanks to her father's urging she has also joined me in singing in the choir on Sundays.

For her birthday Kayli had a friend get together because her Dad kind of made her.  She requested that nobody bring gifts and so she got presents from everyone.  Tia was in charge of being hostess and they played games, watched a movie, and barely made a dent in all of the treats that Derek bought.  Kayli's actual birthday was on a Monday and a school day.  She didn't get to open her presents until dinner time but she got brownies, ice cream, and hot fudge at snack time.  We had the food that she requested for dinner (sweet and sour chicken with chicken nuggets on the side for those who don't like sweet and sour chicken).  Then we watched a movie because that is what she wanted to do.

Kayli opens presents with Jake as a sidekick.

She must have liked whatever present she was opening here!
Kayli is a good, helpful girl.  She has good friends and is a good friend to others.  She likes high school a lot better than junior high and she loves Christmas.  She is writing a letter to Santa as I type and looks forward to racing Trisa up the stairs in the morning.  I don't know that she has ever won that race yet!  Happy late birthday to my close to Christmas Kayli!  I hope 16 is sweet!


LC said...

Here's the birthday hug I forgot to give Kayli last week at the family party. Squeeeeze.
What a great gal!!!

cold cocoa said...

Happy Birthday Kayli! She is a great girl. She is a pleasure to be around- so fun and easy to talk to.

Saimi said...

Awe what a sweet post Sher. Your daughter is such a lovely young lady and you guys are great parents. It must be hard to have a birthday so close Christmas but you guys did it right!

Megz said...

Happy Birthday to Kayli! Can't handle the oldness. She still seems that age when she came over her for piano lessons and we'd fight about whether or not she'd practiced.
What a fun party for the whole fam. Except for the spicy cheetos part.