Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture This....

Picture us enjoying having three of our nieces and one nephew over to play.

Picture Kayli and Tia hogging baby Tessa so I had a hard time getting a turn.  But, I did get a turn.

Picture Connor at the car show with this huge grin the whole time.  Derek kept telling him to stop petting the cars.
His favorite is still the Corvette ZR1

Picture a ridiculously expensive party truck with a way to watch television and cook.

Derek admiring his favorite Audi -- the R8

I took this picture in honor of Tia who loves Jeeps.  This was the coolest looking one.

This is me by a Ferrari, but I liked the black Ferrari Spider the best -- it was just in a worse picture taking location.

This is a Mini Coupe which was my favorite car that didn't cost as much as a house.

 Connor on our way out.

Picture me in boots!  It only took about three years to finally pick some.  I took my friend Shellie to help.  They are comfortable!  I'm going to have Kayli teach me the boot scootin boogie.  (Picture by Dan)

In your mind you can also picture Kayli dancing on Parent Night at the high school for the dance classes.  This is where she performed the boot scootin boogie, among other things.

You can also picture how grumpy we were when Derek had to work half a day on Saturday and one night until 8:30. 

And, for date night, we went to Kayli's school's basketball game and you can picture cousin Jimmy (the coach) being grumpy when we lost by a lot.  We enjoyed visiting with people we know, but Heidi (Jimmy's wife) said we didn't work as good luck charms so we aren't required to come to every game.

Generally, you can picture us being quite busy, but it's obviously we aren't always busy with work and we still have good friends and family who help us through the rough spots.


Megz said...

I like all those pictures. It took you three years to buy a pair of boots?? You better wear them everyday to make it worth it!

Happy Mom said...

I really enjoyed this blog. How fun! Yesterday at church, I felt very deprived that I do not own really awesome boots. It would take me three years to pick some also.

LC said...

I always had a soft spot for a cobalt blue Mazda Miata. Do they even make those any more?
Cool boots!