Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red. The Color of .......

The Kitchen!  This color is called Red Bomb, but they could have named it Red Raspberry Sherbet and been more accurate.

Kayli decorated with our rather slim supply of decorations.

The kitchen stools got a redo too.  The last paint job didn't last very well.

Here they are again.  I don't love them, but I don't hate them either.

I wanted to bake a treat today.  I was thinking yummy muffins or bread (pumpkin or banana).  Dan was thinking sugar cookies.  I made him a snowman which he decorated.  He managed to eat most of it.

Jake's snowman wasn't done before he got home.  He decorated a cookie with lots of sprinkles and red hots.
He ate it all gone.
Derek and Kayli wanted to paint the kitchen wall red.  We all voted.  "Red Bomb" was the popular choice.  Derek had to work on Monday when the rest of us got to stay home.  Kayli and I decided to surprise Derek by painting while he was at work.  He left a little late and I went to the paint store in a snow storm that was kind of blizzardlike.  We had to put three coats on the wall to cover it properly!  Before the last coat we went to the grocery store.  Derek was getting home just as Kayli and I were pushing the stove back in.  We both popped up and looked guilty.  We had been hoping to have it painted and decorated before he arrived.  Ah well.  He liked it anyhow.

I also managed to finish two of the stools that day and two coats on the red legged ones.  I finally finished the last two today.  I wasn't really looking foward to painting again.  So, Monday was a productive day and nice Kayli spent her vacation working hard to surprise her Dad and help her Mom.


Megz said...

The color of crushed cranberries.
That is such a fun surprise. I think Leon would die if he came home to a red kitchen. But that's just because he knows there'd be lots of missed spots and half-coats since he's the perfectionist painter in the house.
I think it's fun.

stephanie said...

I love the stools! they look so fun. Good work!

Marcy said...

I love red kitchens! I would have painted mine red if it I hadn't painted the cabinets black, but I miss the red. Good job!

Saimi said...

I love your boldness! I could never pull it off. The kitchen looks great!! So do those cookies!!

Happy Mom said...

That is so awesome! I love bold new colors, and it looks great!

cold cocoa said...

way to get that done! Super fun..especially when it's a surprise.