Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Summing up 2011

I really have been so busy during the last couple of months of 2011 that I have not felt like writing, so you have missed out on some of the activities of the month.  Here are some pictures to finish off this year before I begin with the fun of writing about a new year.

The big blue feather was made by Dan.  He was really proud.  There were many things we were thankful for.  Derek does unique ones like "Gravity", mine usually include the phone and friends but also included counselors who help me with Primary (the children's organization in our congregation).  This has accounted for some of the busyness of the past couple of months.  Family members take up lots of feathers and so do our favorite things -- like books.
Pick up stix cake?  This is what happens when I need one toothpick to undo a goof.

The cake survived its rough start.

This is the first of three Santas that Dan visited with.  He asked for a remote control truck every time -- only I think the size he asked for kept increasing.  He kept skipping the line and so he was always first or second to see Santa.  He said the Santa at school was not real.  He was wearing a costume which was obvious because his shoes were not real boots.  He saw one here at a family party, and another at the ward party.

This is what happens when you are almost 16 but the only way to get a puncha puncha is to sit on Santas lap.  Tia sat there too but I wasn't there with the camera.

Here's the annual pajama picture.  I have a Pride and Prejudice quote shirt.  There are a lot of Psych shirts, Dan has Batman pajama pants, and Jake has Sonic pajama pants.
Just in case this picture is better.  I think Tia's eyes are open in this one.

Ahhhh!  We were all glad Trisa could be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Uncle Russell and Aunt Erin came and admired everyone's goods on Christmas morning.  It is tradition and we would have missed them if they hadn't come!

Sam loved Big Bird until he noticed the camera.

Connor wins the annual race up the stairs!

Anika and Isabelle with Uncle Derek.

This is Dan -- exhausted after singing "Never Say Never" with Tia and Justin Bieber.
We had a happy Thanksgiving -- two really since we had Thanksgiving early with my family.  We have all been remarkably healthy considering all of the illness we know of around us.  We got great Christmas gifts that are continually being enjoyed.  We have wonderful friends who are supportive of us and we have family around who are fun to be with and who are always very good to us.  All in all, it has been a very good year with much to be thankful for.


cold cocoa said...

I like those pictures! I want to do fun shirts for Christmas. Now you're ready to start 2012!

Saimi said...

So? Did Dan get his remote control truck?? I mean, after all he asked three Santa's.

I'm so glad you had a great Christmas!! btw: your cake is a masterpiece!

Marcy said...

We love Psych at our house too! Glad you had a Merry Christmas and thanks for catching us all up!

LC said...

Nice summary. Way to go on the cake making skills.

stephanie said...

I love Dan's feather! Looks like the holidays have been good to you.

the looks great!

stephanie said...

oops! the last comments is supposed to say the cake looks great:)