Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Few Good Men: Starting with Uncle Jeff

Jeff is my sister Jenny's husband.  He was born the same year I was (on Feb. 7), but I didn't meet him until after I'd heard several fun dating stories from Jenny.  Jeff is an energetic, fun uncle for my children.  At family reunions, even though he has on occasion been obviously tired, he has found the energy to go out and play with the kids.  I don't know what they do because, when I'm obviously tired, I almost always opt for going to bed.  Whatever is done, you can count on Jeff doing it with infectious enthusiasm.

Jeff likes learning about things and explaining how "totally rad" they are to anyone who is interested.  Only he would know that the red ants taste better than the black ones -- ewww!  He's always been a climber and enjoys it as a hobby.  I think he uses his safety gear most of the time, but I know there were times in his past when he wasn't so careful.  Luckily he seems to have the skills of an agile monkey.

Jeff works with computers.  He's a programmer and he mostly is able to work from home.  He's taken to doing yoga with Jenny and, from yoga, climbing, and yard work, they both have lots of muscles.  Jenny and Jeff have five children.  They work hard to teach their children what is right, and they lead by example.  Jenny and Jeff are both thoughtful people who like to help others.

One of my favorite things about Jeff is the opportunity I've had on many occasions to hear him pray.  He has the gift of gratitude.  He is very thankful for everything he has, and when he prays it feels like a bit of heaven has entered the room.  I really don't know how else to describe it.

The world would truly be a wonderful place if all of the men were like the ones that I have been blessed to know.  I am thankful for Uncle Jeff.
Happy Belated Birthday Jeff!

p.s. Just kidding Jeff, but there is a spider on your shoulder!

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Megz said...

I have my own memory of Uncle Jeff correcting me about a false scientific fact I was spreading during some shindig at your house on 6th I know he's smart.
How exciting to hear about all your men!