Monday, February 13, 2012

Jake and the Birthday Pheasant

Jake's birthday was on Sunday, but he had a party on Friday with three cousins (Mitch, Ethan, and Travis) and his good friend Brennan.  We went to Krispy Kreme and had doughnuts, and then came home where they played games and then ate pizza and then played some more.  Jake had a great time.
Dan gave Jake a folded and stapled piece of paper that is "cool" because it twirls when you drop it from up high.

Brennan gave Jake a cool Lego truck.

Mitchell and Ethan gave Jake a cool Lego truck of a different color,
 and some delicious treats that are probably already gone.

Travis gave Jake some Pokemon cards which got opened immediately.
One of the trucks has been assembled too.
On Sunday, we decided to wait until after church to have Jake open his presents.  Thankfully a pheasant showed up in the yard to make the morning fun.  Jake saw it first and ran and got his camera while I ran and got the other kids.  The pheasant walked around for a while (in the back yard) and then jumped up on the trampoline.  When Connor and I were running out the front door early for church we stopped to admire the pheasant foot prints that were all over in the fresh snow.  I ran and got my camera because the footprints were perfect arrows, but unfortunately the pictures were missing when I went to find them today and the footprints have long since been rained and snowed away.
Jake got an angry bird shirt which I think Dan likes better than he does.

This is a "Pokedex" which would be a nightmare for me to read.
Jake loves it.  He got another book too -- it was of the story variety and
was one he had requested.

This is the "in honor of Jake movie" RIO.  We'll watch it tonight in the continued birthday celebrations.

This is Jake's rip stick. 
We figured it would be a good gift for Jake since he has incredible balance.
  Kayli and Connor were jealous.
Maybe that will make Jake enjoy it more?
At snack time (3 p.m.) it was time to have birthday dessert.  Jake wanted brownies and ice cream and so we all had that except Dan who had "Dan safe chocolate cookies" and sorbet (known as "Dan ice cream" at our house).
Since Jake is our blond Italian son, we had lasagna for his birthday dinner.  Jake's birthday ended with a late night snack.  It's apparently easier to sleep with a late night snack!
Happy birthday to my ten year old, and still super, Jake!

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That is a perfect Jake day!