Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trip to the Sun

Saturday the 18th of February we took a trip to St. George, where it was sunnier than here, and where we were generally spoiled by Quinn and Tonya and the cousins.  We were slightly evil guests in that we arrived with a sick Dan.  He had a horrible cold, but fortunately, he perked up by Sunday and was obviously better by Monday when he was back to talking a mile a minute.  He still managed to go on a good walk with us when we went to see some Indian houses and such on Saturday.  Here he is getting a ride during a part of our adventure.
Picture courtesy of Tonya and her ipad
We all needed a break, and spending time with our St. George relatives is fun for all of us.  We got to see Trisa briefly for lunch on the way there.  She was disappointed that her work schedule prevented her from coming to St. George too.

*Derek enjoyed being far away from work, visiting with Quinn, and getting to read a book.
*Sherie enjoyed visiting with Tonya, playing on our electronics side by side or together even though Tonya creams me at any word game.  It is fun to watch her impressive speed.  I also enjoyed trying out a couple of electric guitars.  I'll be sticking with the acoustic guitar even though bar chords are easier on the electric.
*Tia enjoyed not being at home for a while and getting to visit with her fun Aunt and Uncle and cousins.
*Kayli said she had a really good time and was glad that we went.
*Connor helped Porter take care of the neighbors dog and house and they made us all laugh with their stories on the few occasions we saw them.
*Jake played with Haven and since I didn't see him much I am sure he had a good time.
*Dan got better, and then talked, and talked, and talked, and sometimes played too.


Saimi said...

Ah what a wonderful time!! There's nothing like hanging with the fam especially in the sun..Haven't had much sun lately, just a lot of wind!

LC said...

Windy for us too!!
I liked your trip summary. Sounded like fun for everyone.

Megz said...

A sunny vacation sounds really good right about now.
Or just hanging out with someone and playing electronics works too.

stephanie said...

I wish I was in St George! sounds glorious!!