Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uncle Jordan

Jordan is having his tenth birthday today, which means that he is actually 40.  I'm not sure if he has feelings of gloom and doom over being forty, but forty sounds pretty young to me so it shouldn't be too tragic.  My children get a kick out of saying that Uncle Jordan is ten, but since he is the father of four, I think forty sounds better!
I used this picture for Angela's blog, but since they are married it works for Jordan too!
Jordan was a teenager when I met him, and he was a member of the quartet that played at Derek's and my reception (along with other brothers).  He went to Alaska the summer after his high school graduation and worked with smelly fish. He came back before Trisa was born, when I was stuck in bed, and he was brought to visit me before he got to go home, and so I was one of the few who got to see him sporting a nice beard.  Derek was working and missed it, and it was shaved off quickly and has never returned.

Jordan served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Samoa and, through practice, became one of the few brothers who can sit cross legged without his knees pointing at the ceiling, though he still doesn't think it is very comfortable.

After coming home, and attending BYU for a while, Jordan started dating Angela.  Eventually they decided to get married in the Jordan River Temple so that they could live happily ever after.  I'm particularly glad about that because Angela is great.  Of course, living happily ever after takes some work and there bumps along the road for everyone, but Jordan and Angela work together to handle challenges, and are generally happy. 

Now Jordan works for the same company as Derek, and we are fortunate to have him and his family living in the same town as us so that we can see them regularly.  Jordan and Angela are good at helping with lots of things.  I happen to know that Jordan spent hours working in his parent's yard last time they were on a mission, even going over early in the morning before work.  I admire this because we are in charge of the yard this time and I never once got up early to go over and work in the yard (sorry Mom and Dad!).   I also know that Jordan has gone over late at night to help his parents.  He's helped at regular hours too.  He is a good person, who works hard and is a lot of fun.

This next week Jordan and Derek "get" to be in a flash mob at their company's National Convention.  I believe they are supposed to dance toward the stage, but I fully expect that both brothers will be walking along hoping nobody is looking at them.  They're supposed to hold someone's hand too but they aren't too keen on that idea.  Their wives are not attending after all!  At a different convention Jordan did a 70's dance on stage, in a cruise ship, in front of lots of people, costume and all.  It is unfortunate (for everyone except maybe Jordan) that I do not own the video.  He was really nervous, but he nailed his part.  It was great.

Ah, happy memories for me, and a happy birthday to Jordan. 


Megz said...

Jordan is one of the funniest brothers I have and that's saying a lot since there's lots o' competition.
I really desire to see the flash mob dance. Please pull some strings and make sure I see a recording of this.

Saimi said...

Well a big happy birthday to Jordan!! Man doing a flash mob dance sounds FUN!!

Michelle said...

I would give my right pinky toe to see Jordan and Derek holding hands while dancing in a flash mob. Oh please, please get a recording and show it at a family function soon.
Oh, and happy b-day Jordan!