Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Outside Summer

I've been feeling like I need to write something, but nothing overly interesting is going on around here.  I did get to lead the ward choir on Sunday for a performance and two practices.  The choir that sang in the performance was much bigger than the one that showed up early for practice.  They watched me carefully, which made me laugh a bit because some of them probably didn't know that I'd led the song maybe twice before the performance!  The choir sounded good and I made no embarrassing leading faux pas, for which I am thankful.

So, what sounds fun to write about?  Summer of course.  I love to plan Summer -- usually more than I actually like to do the things I plan.  Sad.  So what are my great plans this year?  So far I just have the vague notion that I am going to make myself stay outside at least two hours a day.  Now this number is hilariously small for people like my Dad and Sisters who will probably try to go inside for at least two hours a day.  I just realized that I have become a bit of a wimp.  Cold out?  Stay in by the fire.  Too hot?  Isn't that air conditioning nice?  Possibility of a mosquito bite?  Stay behind a screen.  Might get sore muscles?  Take a nap.  (Okay so I'm not THAT bad).

Other plans?  Well, the calendar is already filling up and so I don't feel a need to plan a lot.  I think I'll try to plan some simple adventures and send out e-mails inviting people.  I'll see how many impromptu, low stress, activities we can pull off -- outside.

I would like to:
Go to the zoo
Hike in Rock Canyon
Ride my bike on the Provo River Trail
Cook outside over a fire.
Look through a telescope (I never did it last year)
Walk in the dark with Derek (imagine me raising my eyebrows up and down)
Play hide and seek outside with the kids -- but I'll have to wear smelly bug spray -- eww!
Have a cabin adventure
Ride my awesome four wheeler with reckless abandon (okay or safely)
Take Dan to the pool (because he has really wanted to go)
Paint a picture outside (I didn't get this crossed off last year).
Go with Derek farther on his favorite hike in Santaquin

There are other things too, like swinging really high.  I also want to sit in the shade and drink lemonade and read a good book in a good outside nook (couldn't resist).  Jake wants to play tennis, which he says is his favorite sport after soccer.  Dan really wants to go to Lagoon.  He loves Lagoon.

What are your favorite things to do outside in the Summer?


Saimi said...

Check you out and your great list!! Man I can't wait for summer. I know I'll be attending my Niece's wedding, riding my horse and soaking up the sun for starters...then it's whatever, whenever!!

Happy Mom said...

Drink lemonade while reading a book. I am definitely putting that on my list. I should go outside more too. I definitely quality for wimp category. Riding a bike and hiking sound nice too. Basically, I want to try and enjoy summer more and be more fun. Thanks for the list of helpful suggestions. Hope everything is going well in your world.

TisforTonya said...

I should probably have the same goal to go outside more... hmmm... am I that pro-active?


LC said...

I love summer so I can't believe I haven't thought about it yet.?!

Your list is fun. The cabin definitely has to be on our list too--I can't believe we've overlooked it so long. Oh yes, and road trips!! I'd like to visit Goblin Valley and/or Calf Creek in Escalante. :)I'd also like to try paddle boarding (in the ocean)

Megz said...

Didn't we just read your summer list? About leaf rubbings and stuff? Can't believe it's here again. Count me in for some of your adventures.

Anna said...

I like the cooking outdoors, walks in the dark with one's sweetheart, and reading outside ideas, myself. I want to go camping. And do a LOT more hiking with my kids. And forget there is ever such a thing as housework because my family will be outdoors so much that the inside just won't get dirty. Yeah, whatever.

Michelle said...

Great ideas, but I think my list is stay inside so I don't get skin cancer.