Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Occasions

At the end of last week Derek and I celebrated our 24th anniversary.  We had grand plans that didn't work out, but we enjoyed what we got to do.  We saw a movie that made us laugh, went and ate a delicious dinner that I didn't cook, and then enjoyed the beauty of Utah Lake and the chance to talk without interruptions.  We even skipped rocks.  I'm not too bad at that, but I discovered that Derek can flip little rocks with his thumb quite a few feet, while I can flip them at least a couple of inches -- if I concentrate.  Luckily, I don't need that skill to get into heaven.

It has been a great 24 years, and we are hoping to have lots and lots more years to enjoy.

Sunday was Mother's Day (as I'm sure you all know).  It was a really busy day, and kind of emotionally exhausting for me and so I had a slight come apart at the end, but that doesn't take away from the awesome things that happened.  My favorites are these:

When I got back from my early morning meeting a very nice note and embroidered "doubt not, fear not" was on my pillow from Kayli.  She had also drawn a colorful "Happy Mother's Day" on the white board.

Dan gave me multiple pictures, including one from school with "a really cute picture of me" (says Dan).  He likes pictures of himself.  In that one he guessed my age as 33.  Bless him.  He guessed my favorite food was "beans", which made me laugh.  He hates beans, which he gets from me.  He must figure though, that if I make them at all, I must love them!  In Primary he made me a picture of multiple black hearts that was apparently his favorite picture for me because he talked about it the most.  He hugged me several times throughout the day and told me how much he loved me over and over again.  Dan is great to have around on Mother's Day!

Derek gave me a wonderful letter that I love and went for a little walk with me after church.

I talked to my own good Mother for a little over an hour.  It is always good to get a chance to talk to my Mom.  After that I talked to Tia and then Trisa.  By then it was almost time to go on over to Derek's parent's house for a Mother's Day dinner.  While there we had a chance to talk about the hard things and the good things about being a Mother.  The hard things are really hard, but the good things outweigh them -- at least for me.  I am thankful for all of my good children.  Hooray for them, and hooray for good Moms everywhere.


Marcy said...

YOU are a good Mom! I'm glad you had a Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day!!

LC said...

It was an emotionally exhausting day for me too. Glad everyone gave you tons of love. You're a wonderful example of motherhood.

Saimi said...

Awe, Happy Anniversary to you and Derek! 24 years, WOW!! When you don't get much chance to have alone time together you really cherish it when you do! Sounds like a great date!

Mother's day was Awesome!