Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Connor Blair

Connor holding Jake.  Connor was 3 and a half and had just become a big brother.

Connor opening a card from Grandma and Grandpa F.

Connor blows out candles.  Brownie trifle doesn't work with candles too well.

Connor and his birthday loot.  I think he's almost done reading both of those books already.
Connor turned 14 on Saturday.  He was at the Fathers and Sons campout and so he didn't get to open presents until late morning when he got home.  He is a great boy and always grateful for everything and so it is fun to get presents for him.

Connor loves to read.  We tease him because he loves his books so much and is very protective of them.  You might get in trouble if you use a sock as a bookmark in one of his books (even a clean sock), and in even more trouble if you use no bookmark at all!  He also remembers characters and plots really well.   Connor likes to write and hopes to write his own book someday.  He is always working on a story.   Connor is a good artist, even though he doesn't think so.  He obviously has not been comparing his art work to mine!  Connor is great at sports.  Soccer is his favorite, though he loves basketball too.  Connor is very fun in a lot of ways.  I like doing puppet shows with him.  He has the pirate puppet (Arrrrgus) and a parrot and a shark, and he is really entertaining with them.

The best thing about Connor is that he is a thoroughly good person.  He always wants to do what is right.  He is kind.  He loves family.  He really did not like it when his older sisters moved away to college, and he has always been good friends with Kayli, who is thankfully still at home.  He's a good big brother too.  I like that he often plays with his younger brothers when I leave him in charge.   Connor likes learning about the gospel and is very thoughtful when he prays.  I am really proud of Connor.  I love him.  He makes me smile.

Happy Birthday to Connor.


Saimi said...

Awe, what a wonderful post! Conner is definitely a reflection of his mama!

You obviously are raising a fantastic son!

Happy Birthday Connor!!

LC said...

What a great kid. Can't wait to read the books he will someday author.