Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Belated Easter Post

I know that many of you are waiting to see beautiful pictures of Switzerland, but I feel that I must catch up on the family first. . . . 
Below are two pictures from Easter that I discovered on a camera when I was putting its pictures on my computer.  This past Easter we were blessed to have my brother Brian and his family come to stay with us -- though I will whine really quickly that they didn't stay long enough to suit us.  The Easter bunny came to both families while they were here.  Unfortunately, that Easter bunny was a little unfair in his gifting.  
This is Dan and Jake looking through their loot.  Notice the big Snake book that Jake got from the Easter Bunny.  It was all the Easter Bunny could find that Jake would like, and he did like it.  He now knows quite a bit about snakes.

This is Noah and Naomi looking on, with Connor in the background.  Notice Noah's look of longing.  Unfortunately, the thoughtless Easter Bunny didn't think to buy two snake books. That would have been easy, and Noah would have been much happier.  Silly bunny.  Maybe Brian and family can come again next year and the Easter Bunny can bring those good cousins a big book on some other scary reptile..

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