Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Those Lovely Days of Summer

Summer was lovely, and we did a lot of things, hardly any of which did I capture in a photograph.  Here are a few that I did capture.
This is Jake, and Derek on Father's Day.

This is the fabulous card I found and got for Derek because....look at that one penguin wearing a Hawaiin shirt.  Notice that Derek is wearing a Hawaiin shirt.  That is what Derek wears on special days, something bright to celebrate a happy occasion, even if everyone else dresses in a less colorful fashion!

Jake and Dan
One of the fun things we did was to go to the zoo with my children's Aunt Laura and her kids.  Somehow I foolishly didn't get one picture with her or her kids in it.  I obviously wasn't thinking very well.  I was glad she had invited us.

Connor in the spiders web -- at the zoo.

Kayli at the zoo.  Awesome!

Dan and Jake and a giraffe.
 Another fun thing we did this summer was to have two fabulous family reunions.  I only got a few pictures at the first reunion, and none at the second.  This does not mean I am favoring Derek's family over my own -- I just forgot my camera -- or never got it out -- I can't remember which.
 Weston and Trevor

Connor and Porter (Cousins and good buddies)

Tia spending time with her brother Dan

Dan loved the balloon animals Aunt Michelle made and there was much woe when it died.
This summer there was also youth conference, girls camp, scout camp, a vacation to Idaho (Hey -- vacations are best spent with good family!), dentist appointments, soccer practices and games,  doctors appointments (darn asthma!), and trips to Trafalga and 7 Peaks with local cousins.  There were other things too.  It flew by as usual and was over before we were ready.  Still .... fall brings the excitement of holidays to come ... and time marches on.  Before we know it more lovely days of summer will be here to enjoy.


LC said...

So glad we could be part of your summer fun times.

If your kids are like Brynn they are glad you are not too giddy with a camera:)

Looking forward to your Swiss trip post--hope you took pictures!!

Marcy said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous summer filled with family and fun!

Saimi said...

You guys know how to family it up, and those boys, man they are cute!
I love that your hubby likes to wear his Hawaiian shirts on special occasions, how fun!