Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Things That I Like

I like sunshine shining in the morning.
I like sunset with its colors in the sky.
I like flowers cheerful in the garden.
I like the wind blowing the fall leaves by.

I like children laughing at their own jokes.
I like it that they get up every time that they fall.
I like work, and checking things of my list.
I like having nothing to do at all.

I like raindrops pounding on the roof tops.
I like the beautiful green that comes with spring.
I like the smell of pine in the mountains.
I like the twinkling of the stars at night.

I like puffy clouds and beautiful rainbows.
I like new snow all shiny and white.
I like moonlight shining in the darkness.
I like the twinkling of the starts at night.


Oh it's fun to think of all the things that I like,
And of all of the joyful things there are to do,
And I like to think of your happy smile
Because with all the things that I like,
You know I love you!

Click on singing if you would like to hear me sing this song.  Unfortunately, there is no button you can push to hear someone else sing it!


TisforTonya said...

you have managed to make me smile and laugh this morning! thanks for being you :)

LC said...

I thought when I saw the title that I might get some ideas for what to get you for Christmas...ha:) ( you guys are tricky, you know) I'll try to figure out a way to package some spring green ;)
Great song you! My favorite part is the kids falling down and getting back up--not for the slapstick:) but b/c that is really meaningful when you think about it. Thanks for sharing your likes!

Marcy said...

You're AWEOME!

Michelle said...

A twofer, yeah! Have I ever told you how much I like your t-shirts?