Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Way to Remember

I have been a journal writer for many years.  My journal is like a friend.  I can pour out my frustrations, or my worries.  I can talk about the things I am excited about in long, boring, drawn out detail.  I have many journals filled with non-important information, like who everyone danced with at the dances I went to as a youth. Yawn!  As I got older I came to realize that there are two things that  I really enjoy going back to read.  The first is all of the cute things that my children do, and our important family events.  The second is the spiritual experiences I have, or the blessings I've been given.

When my oldest daughter was a baby she wasn't always good at sleeping through the night.  I got to hold her a lot in the night time, which wasn't always a bad thing.  I remember sitting on the floor of her room holding her while she slept.  I love her so much, and I remember wishing that I could hold on to every detail of that moment forever.  There are so many perfect moments in life, and children say the cutest things!  Unfortunately, I have found that even if I tell myself "I will remember this forever", I won't unless I have written it down.  I am so thankful for those things I did manage to get into journals so that I could remember them later.  They allow me to enjoy those perfect moments again.  I will share some of those with you in the next few days.

I find the second kind of journal really helpful when I am having a hard day, or I feel like I haven't felt any inspiration for a long time.  I get my journal out and am reminded about the things that I have learned, and maybe forgotten.  I am reminded that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers before, and so I know that He will again.  This has been a blessing to me on many occasions, and is a good source for my Inheritance Project.

Not everyone likes to write, and pictures can work almost as well, but even if you write down just a few things, or a few blessings, you will be glad.  It is a good way to remember.


Happy Mom said...

This is so true! I was a good journal writer when I was young, but have not been so great as a grown-up mom. I am sad for those missed moments. But it's never to late to recommit. Thanks for the reminder.

LC said...

I am journal fan too