Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembering Little Trisa

One of my favorite memories is from the hospital after Trisa was born.  I had a c-section, and walking (well, moving) was very hard for me, but somehow I had managed to get out of my bed, pick up Trisa, and make it to a rocking chair.  I sat there and sang to her "Oh hush thee my baby, a story I'll tell, how little lord Jesus on earth came to dwell ..".  There, with a baby who was right from heaven, singing about Jesus, the most wonderful, peaceful, loving feeling filled the whole room.  It was so strong, that I was sure that when the nurse walked in, she must have been able to feel it.

As Trisa grew she came to love outside.  She used to pound on our apartment door and yell "Side!  Side!" just hoping we would take her outside.  We lived in downtown SLC at the time, and we had one car.  We did have a stroller, and I would put Trisa in it and walk blocks, and blocks, to the library.  I don't remember her ever being bad on a walk.  She would lean back, prop her foot up on the bar of the stroller, and enjoy being in her beloved outside.
 Trisa was not blessed with a mother who did hair very well, but that did not stop her from being beautiful.  She loved to wear dresses.  The journal I wrote for her said, "...your Aunt Tina gave you a dress.  The following Tuesday you wanted to wear it to school.  You got so much attention from wearing it that you insisted on wearing a dress all week long.  You looked as cute as could be..."

Trisa had a favorite outfit when she was about two.  Her Grandma C. had given her a pink shirt with a heart on the front which matched the floral purple pants she had.  She loved to wear this, but especially if she could roll up her pants to her knees and wear her pink knee socks.  She loved to show off her socks, and I liked to let her because it made her happy.

Trisa liked to sing lots of songs, and read piles of books.  Even before she could really read, her journal says she would pick up a book and appear to be reading it, but if you payed attention you would notice that the story she was telling had pieces in it of the conversations that were going on around her.

Trisa helped a lot with Tia.  She would get Tia's "little tiny diapers" and when Tia cried Trisa would use a funny voice to say "Oh Tia, Tia, Tia, don't be sad Tia, oh Tia..."  Later, when Tia could sit up, Trisa would carefully drag Tia around by her feet (across the wood floor) so she could play with her.  Sometimes she'd drag her right into her room, and Tia always seemed to enjoy her chance to play.

Trisa was independent.  We heard a lot of "My do it!"  She also had such grown up sounding expressions that it was hard to remember how little she was sometimes!  She loved animals.  She used to hold out her hands to the birds in the back yard and try to get them to come.  "Here bird!  Here bird!"  She would chase them, and cry when they flew away.  She loved them and couldn't understand why they wouldn't stay and let her hold them.

Trisa is fun, and kind, and thoughtful, and enthusiastic, and smart.  She was all of those things when she was little too.  There are so many wonderful things to be remembered about little Trisa!

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