Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Inheritance Project

A few years ago I wrote a little picture book called Precious Sherie Goes to School.  It is in a three ring binder -- nothing fancy.  In it I wrote about all of my years of grade school, from pre-school to high school graduation.  I told stories of experiences I had and things that I had learned.  I planned to do a whole series, but couldn't ever figure out how to divide the rest of my life up.  Instead of trying to add to that book, and make it a series, I have decided to do what I am going to call The Inheritance Project.

If my children ever inherit money it won't be because I earned any.  From me they might inherit puppets, and poems, and piles of books -- and maybe an instrument or two!  I think it would be great though if they also inherited stories from my lifetime, and the lessons I have learned from living.  So, this year, every Wednesday, I am going to post something that I have learned in my lifetime so far.  Some things I've had to relearn over and over! 

My children are great.  They are grateful, kind, and thoughtful people.  They already honor me well with the things they do and say.  I am thankful that they love me in all of my imperfect glory!  I hope they will enjoy the results of my inheritance project, and I hope that the rest of you will too.


Danielle said...

I will be following you for sure. Your wisdom and faith have ALWAYS been an example to me, thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


Marcy said...

That is a GREAT idea!!!

Ada said...

I'm glad I found your blog! I've loved reading everything I've read; although I'd better do some other things today, too:) I've always appreciated your upbeat way of approaching life. Love, love your Christmas letters! Thanks for sharing. Wish the Fullers kept in touch better:)