Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Forgotten

Centennial 2 apartment complex, only I don't think it looked this nice back then.
This is where I llived at the time this story took place.
One of the challenges that I have is that ocasionally I get to feeling lonely, and forgotten.  Usually, I know the feeling will pass, and I am fine.  But I remember once in college when I had a particularly difficult time.  It was the week before Halloween.  Halloween was on Saturday, and all of my roommates had plans.  I had been invited to a party, but it was a party full of acquaintances -- people I did not know well.  As I was walking over, I saw some of my friends leaving on dates, and I felt left out.  I went to the party, but soon they went to turn on a movie that was against the standards that I had lived my whole life.  I quietly got up and left, and walked home.

When I got to my apartment it was dark.  Nobody was home, and the feelings of loneliness seemed to close around me.  I remember lying on my bed and crying.  My journal reports that I cried for three hours.  I read the scriptures and found the words "Fear not for I am with you" comforting.   I decided that I could pray and fast that I wouldn't feel so lonely.  In my journal I wrote that I asked for a miracle, and that my friends came through to provide it.  When I went to school I saw three different friends who were happy to see me and asked how I was doing.  My home teacher even stopped me to ask if I was okay. 

The interesting thing is that nothing really changed.  My family and friends loved me the whole time.  They would have been happy to talk to me, but apparently I couldn't see that.  Thankfully, when I asked the Lord for help, he sent it in the form of kind friends and the ability to see that I was not forgotten.


Mike said...

If you ever get to feeling forgotten again Cuz you can always send me a message and and I will get back to ya.If I'm not home I'm not too far away.Gas went up.

Michelle said...

Wow, Sher. I remember those days, too. You handled them so much better than I did. It is good to remember that prayer doesn't change the situation, it changes you.