Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remembering Little Kayli

Kayli has had a few nicknames in her lifetime.  She was "Kicky Kayli" for a while.  She was really funny when she was a baby and would not put weight on her legs.  If you picked her up she would hold her legs up and refuse to put her feet down.  She loved to kick her legs though.  We had a wood floor, and she would use her legs to turn herself in circles.  It was very cute, and she did eventually decide she should learn how to stand, and walk.

Kayli was also "Clicky Kayli" because she loved to play on the computer and was constantly clicking things with the mouse.  She was not so into computers that she was anti-social.  When she was almost two I wrote "Kayli is very good at talking and has the best manners of any one year old I've met."  She did confuse yes and no which is common at that age.  If she meant yes, she would say no in a happy way. 

When Kayli was little I was blessed to be able to spend lots of time with my friend Shannon, either on the phone, or at one of our houses, or off on adventures.  So, when Kayli played with a phone she would say "Hello.  Shannon?"  Kayli absolutely adored Shannon.  I remember Shannon coming in the house once and us barely catching Kayli in time as she dove out of my arms trying to get over to Shannon.  Once I ran out of fruit snacks and told Kayli we didn't have any.  She said "Shannon's house?  Fruit snack?"  She knew that Shannon was rarely out of fruit snacks, and that Shannon would give her more than one package -- unlike her mother.

One day I was taking a shower and I could hear Kayli yelling something at me.  She was knocking on the door saying "I want to watch a movie, dang it!"  It sounded more like "Dane it".  Another day she came in to my room and said "Dang it!  I forgot to put something on my wips!" 

Kayli had a friend named Shania she spent lots of time with.  Once they were over here and there were ants crawling around on our dining room floor by the back door.  Shania went to smash them and Kayli said "Don't smash them!  Don't smash them!"  Shania said, "Dem's bugs!"  Kayli said, "No they're not!  They're HUNGRY!  No!  Don't let them outside!"  What a good Kayli I have -- though I'm pretty sure she'd be okay with smashing the ants now (with apologies to her cousin Emma).
Kayli wearing those same socks that Trisa loved!

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Saimi said...

How adorable! Those are fun memories. You know you 'book' your blog with sites like 'Blurb' or Blog2Print. with all your cute stories it would be nice to have a hard copy.

I'm on my 2nd book - it's my way of journaling.