Friday, February 15, 2013

The One Who Does Math, and Makes Pies

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When Derek and I were first married we were both attending BYU.  As a part of my general education I needed to take a college algebra class.  Math isn't my favorite, and I was afraid I would not do well.  I explained to Derek that my sister "Tina is the one who does math".  He asked why Tina doing math meant that I couldn't.  I figured she got all the math talent, and I didn't.  I had some pretty good memories of how I was NOT a genius at math during high school, and how it seemed easy for her.  This must mean I just couldn't do it, right?

Then one day my sister Jenny called to discuss assignments for Thanksgiving Dinner.  When we were talking about pies she said something like, "Oh, Tina is the one who makes pies."  I got off the phone and told Derek what she had said, and I also told him, in a slightly incensed voice, that I could make perfectly delicious pies!  I suspect he found this amusing and used it to prove the point he had been trying to make.  Just because one person in the family is good at something, doesn't mean someone else in the family can't be good at it too!  This is true even if it comes easier to one person than another.

I did take that college algebra class, and thanks to Derek's good tutoring, I got an A.  Of course I always liked algebra better than geometry or trigonometry, which seem to leave me feeling lost and empty headed, but I'm still rather proud that I did so well in college algebra.  I had been using my own faulty logic to excuse me from trying something that is hard for me.  Just because someone else is good at something, and it seems to come easier to them than to me, doesn't mean I couldn't do it.  Probably, if I wanted to badly enough, I too could be one who does math -- and makes pies!


Michelle said...

You always say the right thing when and how I need to hear it.

Happy Mom said...

I struggled with this myself. Probably still do, so it's a good reminder. My mother-in-law once called one of the sisters-in-law "the perfect mom" and another "the spiritual one in the family." I wasn't great a perfect hair, I like to let my kids have unstructured play, and sometimes I puts on sweats and watch a movie on Sunday, so I admit that I'm unqualified for either label, but it's surprising how much it has allowed me to think far worse about myself than I probably deserve. Thanks for the nice blogs. They are so thoughtful.

Saimi said...

No worries, I'm horrible at math kuddo's to you for receiving an A!!! You can make me a pie any day I'm s sucker for fruit pies! Yum, yum, yum!!!

Mike said...

I'm no good at math or pies but I can bake a cake.Nice story CUZ.Goes to show when you are determined to do anything you can and will do anything.