Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Tournament Game With Half Time Entertainment

Yesterday Connor's team played their last game of the season.  They did not win their game, but it was still one of the most enjoyable games I have ever watched.  A good part of that was that Connor was playing and Derek was coaching, but our team this year had heart, and they tried to do what Derek said (most of the time).  They were even generous with the one player who would lose the ball almost every time he touched it.  They wanted him to score at least once.

When we walked in to the gym we saw a team that was big.  Our team is -- not big.  It appeared that we were to play a team of giants.  Our guys were shorter, and weighed less.  I thought we were doomed.  Derek thought we might lose by 20 or more (though he never said that to the team!)  Much to our delight, we were ahead for a lot of the first half, and were tied at half time.

The half time entertainment for those who were observant was Dan doing some "moves" out on the basketball court.  The score keeping lady loved it.  Dan had informed us at dinner that he is a music boy.  He told us that he sings and dances, but he mostly dances at home, just sometimes at school.  His moves have been missing for a while so I was glad that "music boy" reappeared.

The second half started out badly for our team and we got behind.  Still, the most we were ever behind was ten points and we sure scared them towards the end.  We got so close!  It was disappointing to lose, but since they were somewhat skilled giants it was sure fun to give them a good game.  Hooray for a good season of basketball!

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Michelle said...

Too bad about the loss, but way to go against the Giants. I'm glas Dan took it upon himself to be the half-time entertainment. I would have paid to see that.