Monday, February 18, 2013

Working Vacation: A Family Project

This is the carpet we've had for 15 years.  You can see the main path through the room.
This is also the start of ripping out the carpet on Friday.

 This is the guest room where all of the stuff stayed.  It's a good thing we didn't have company this weekend!
 Jake Derek and Connor at the beginning of the project.
 Dan.  One of his main jobs seems to be posing on the floor after it's done.
 Kayli, Connor, and Derek -- almost done!
 All done.  The glowing spots are from the camera.
The room all put back together, with the Knight and the Princess in their proper places.
Derek (Dad):  Was the chief and the muscle.
Connor:  Main assistant with some heavy lifting.
Sherie (Mom):  Prep work including taking out baseboards -- which isn't fun.  Painter.
Kayli:  Helped Derek and Connor in the main room and did the closet floor with Mom.  Heavy Lifting, dusting.
Jake:  Helped with the main floor and with odd jobs.
Dan:  Said "I've done a lot of work today.  It isn't fair!"  He vacuumed, mopped some, posed for a picture, and ??????
Everyone was very helpful and good sports with only one fit from Dan.  He perked up when Kayli took him and Connor to pick up food.  Working holidays can be rewarding.  Family Home Evening was watching church videos while we ate and having yummy cinnamon rolls for treat.


Michelle said...

Next FHE can you come do our floors?

Kayli said...

The floor looks fabulous!!! :) It was worth the work and the holiday!