Monday, March 4, 2013

Comfort and Joy

Long ago, as I have mentioned, I had my first miscarriage.  It was near Christmas time, and a neighbor (home teacher) took me to the Dr. because Derek was sick.  After the Dr. had taken care of things, I cried as he explained what had happened.  I apologized to him for crying.  He said it was okay, and that he thought I was brave, and that made me feel a bit better.  Soon I was home resting in my bed.

My neighbors knew I was sad and came up with ways to help me.  One girl brought me an article from the Ensign magazine that she thought would help.  Another girl brought gingerbread men.  She helped me decorate them so that we could hang them on our Christmas tree.  We didn't have many ornaments, or money to buy them, and the time she spent with me helped to distract me.  Someone left candy canes on our door step too, and we hung those on the tree.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone helped string the popcorn that can be seen in the picture too, but my memory fails me, and I didn't write down any of these experiences where I can find them.  Undoubtedly family was right there helping too.

I think that Christmas tree is one of my favorites because it was mainly decorated by the kindness of people who cared what happened to us.  It is also true that ginger bread men smell really good.  During the season where we celebrate the good news of the Savior's birth and the comfort and joy this news brings, others shared that comfort and joy with me when I needed to be reminded that there is always hope for better things to come.


Happy Mom said...

I love this! You are like an inspiring ray of sunshine every day! Just like you always were! Thanks so much!

Michelle said...

I don't know much about miscarriages, but I do know that God entrusts His children to us and we are to have as many children as he wants us to. I personally believe a miscarriage is a postponement of that addition to the family and they will come in another body at a later date. For those who have miscarriages and no children, I have no answer. I could be wrong, but it will all work out in the end and God knows what we need and takes care of us.