Monday, March 11, 2013

The Grand Nieces

This weekend was lovely.  We went to Idaho and visited with my awesome family, though we missed Trisa, Tia, Audrey, and Michael.  We listened to my niece Anika L. and nephew Miles speak before they head off on missions.  It was great, and I'll write more about it later.  I forgot my camera, but here are a couple of pictures, courtesy of facebook, of my grand nieces who I very much enjoyed getting to hold.  Babies are sweet.
Lorien can crawl and is wary of strangers, but she let me hold her without screaming.  She is precious.

Meleah can sit up.  She loves to jump, kick, and walk around while someone holds her fingers.  She is sweet!
They are pretty girls!


Michelle said...

They are lovely. What fun to have the next generation arrive in your family.

Saimi said...

Babies are sweet and those grandnieces are just as precious as they come!

Happy Mom said...

I find it mind-boggling that you are a great-aunt. You are SOOO young!! But! I know you are definitely a GREAT AUNT!!