Friday, March 1, 2013

What to Do on Down Days

My Mom and Amber (her grand niece)
At some point in my past I talked to my Mom about being down.  When I feel sad, lonely, or isolated, I spend way too much time thinking about what I wish was happening, or what I wish other people would do for me so that I would feel happier.  I too often get stuck in the trap of thinking that if nobody is calling, or writing, or visiting, then nobody must care about me.   My wise mother had a suggestion for me.
She suggested that any time I am feeling down, I should get out the ward list (that's a list of who is in our church congregation) and read it, and see if anyone comes to mind that I can help.  Obviously, if a ward list isn't handy, I can easily think of people that I know, and see if I have any ideas of how to help them.  Of course, the idea is for me to follow through on whatever idea I have.
This simple activity changes my focus from me to somebody else, and can change a "bad" day to a good one.  Even if I am still feeling down at the end of the day, I can at least look back, and feel like I did something worthwhile.   


Mike said...

Your mom(my wonderful Aunt)reminds me of Papaw Cain the way they look at you when they are giving you advice.Some of my down days got better settin on Papaw's porch talking to him.I enjoy reading your stories keep em coming.

Saimi said...

You have a very wise mother! Such excellent advice!