Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conference Favorites

Let's face facts.  If I wrote all of my favorites, there would be too many pages for you to want to read.  I love conference.  Here are some wise words from prophets and apostles which may or may not be direct quotes since they are directly from my notes.  Feel free to check for the complete messages from the April General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Anchor your life to Jesus.
Tolerance is a virtue -- when exaggerated it is a trap.
Recurring human weakness is not beyond the Savior's help.  He allows for improvement over time.
Technological devices can be a source of filth and wasted time, or they can be a source of strength.  If  we reviewed scripture on our devices as often as we text, we might have many scriptures memorized.
Recognize the good in others -- build on their virtues.
Be not wise in thine own eyes.
How we live is more important than where we live.
Chastity and virtue are precious above all things.
Be ready to answer the question of where your hope comes from.
God promises to illuminate the way before us.  There is light and darkness.  Choose to live in the light.
Everyone has the power to increase a child's confidence.
In marriage -- be fiercely loyal.
Obedience to law is liberty.
Agency is the most important gift from God besides life.
There ARE moral absolutes.
Don't let questions stand in the way of faith.
Do we model ourselves after what the world does, or after what the Lord wants?
A child who sings is a happy child.
It is dangerous to seek acceptance by the wrong people, or for the wrong reasons.
We have cause for good cheer and rejoicing.  God is with us!  Fear not!  Trust in the Lord!  He will give guidance and strength in every challenge.

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Happy Mom said...

These are amazing tidbits from amazing talks. So lucky we have these leaders in our lives to lift us up and guide us. Thanks for the reminder.