Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break

Monday:  Derek went to work in SLC for the week.  The kids and I hopped in the van and drove south through the pouring rain.  We visited Trisa and Tia.  Tia told stories to Dan and took Jake and Dan outside to let them climb on a short fence.  I was thankful that she took the time to help those boys enjoy their visit.  I visited with Trisa and her friend Travis while Trisa had a late lunch.  Afterwards we hugged the girls and got in the car just as the rain that we had outrun caught up to us.  We outran the rain again, and visited the St. George cousins.  The rain didn't catch up so we went and played frisbee golf with them and Megan's family who were there for a couple of days.
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Tuesday:  The cousins went to school.  We lazed around with Tonya until just before lunch, got food at Albertsons (most of us) and Burger King (Dan) and ate in the car.  The we travelled home.  We had borrowed books from Trisa and her Season One set of Once Upon a Time.  So we mostly read, and watched television until it was really, really late.

Wednesday:  We entertained ourselves around here and Kayli and Connor stayed up super late watching more Once Upon a Time.

Thursday:  The boys and I went to the park with Aunt Angela and her kids. It was a beautiful day to be outside. Kayli went and spent time with friends doing school work, and playing.  Early afternoon I got to go to SLC and have a date with Derek.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory and didn't have any cheesecake -- but the food was good.  Then we went and watched / listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice at the Conference Center.  Mack Wilberg gets a good workout when he leads and his ears are really good.  He was constantly correcting mistakes I couldn't hear!

Friday:  I came home from SLC and took the kids to Lowe's Xtreme Sports in Provo to jump on the trampolines and fall in the foam pits and climb on the climbing wall.  Angela brought her kids too.  That place was really packed -- which made Kayli and Connor a bit frustrated.  Jake had a great time.  Dan had never been and he had a huge grin on every time he went flipping into a foam pit.  When we got home he asked if we could go again on Wednesday.  I said no, so he asked if we could go for his birthday.  That will probably be fine.

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