Friday, May 17, 2013

A Life of Quiet Service

President Monson's wife, Sister Frances Monson, passed away this morning.  I have thought of her often over the last few years, and though I do not know much about her, I know enough to love her, and to admire her.  I am so sad for President Monson who will miss her so very much.

When Derek was the Bishop, it was hard for me.  I was thankful that he could have new opportunities to learn, and grow, and to help people, but I was a bit sad for me.  I am jealous of Derek's time.  I like it to be mostly spent with me!  During those years I often thought of the wives of the apostles and Prophets, and I thought of Sister Monson specifically.

President Monson was a bishop at a very young age, and he spent hours and hours helping people.  What did Sister Monson do?  She took care of the children, and taught them well.  She loved them, she loved her husband, and she supported him in his efforts.  From the time he was Bishop until now, President Monson has had callings that have required immense amounts of time and energy.  We have heard of the wonderful things he has done to help groups and individuals.  But all along, there was his wife that I rarely heard a thing about, in the background, taking care of home and family, and supporting her husband so that he could go to the rescue of those around him.

When Derek was Bishop I learned to pray, not just for my priesthood leaders, but for their wives and families who are there in the background living lives of quiet service.  So today I will send up one more prayer of thanks for a wonderful lady, Sister Frances Monson, who did so much good beside her husband, who I love and honor as a prophet of God.

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Happy Mom said...

I love this so much! And I too am grateful for the wives and families! Such a sacrifice!

Anna said...

I often think of and pray for the wives and family members of our general and local authorities in the church. And for the family members of our service men and women. I think their roles are just as important. Sister Hinckley is one that I thought most often about, especially when President Hinckley was doing all of his traveling and how she sometimes wouldn't know if she was accompanying him or not until the last possible minute. She was such an example of humor and patience to me. I think you make a great point about Sister Monson's role in supporting her husband so that he COULD rescue those that he has. I know you've done that for Derek!