Monday, May 13, 2013

A Little More Energy and a Little Less Cranky

I have always heard that exercising gives you more energy -- but I never really believed it.  I ran track one year in high school and I was tired all the time.  This reaction to exercise happened often enough in my life that Derek came up with an incentive plan for me a few years ago so that I could get myself moving.  After about a year I could finally tell that exercise was helpful.  I had slightly more energy, and was a little less cranky.

Looking back now I can see that I get more tired if I am doing exercises I do not like.  I really do not love running, though I have found that I don't mind it so much if I am playing futsal, or even basketball.  I get tired from running around after a ball too, but it doesn't seem to make me so tired that I have to have a nap!

If I do an exercise I enjoy, I notice the energy gain more easily.  I love dancing.  I took lots of ballroom dance classes in college, and never felt too tired.  I go do zumba occasionally and usually come home feeling a little wired -- which is rather new for me.  I love riding my bike, and as long as I'm not riding for miles up hill, in the cold, with no snacks, I generally enjoy myself.  I may get rubber legged but not too exhausted. I can do things that I don't like, and it still has a good affect, I just have to look harder for it. 

I've also found that it is possible to have a day where I honestly do not have the energy to exercise and handle the rest of my day gracefully.  When I start crying on the treadmill because I feel too tired, that's usually a good indication that it is one of those days and I should try again tomorrow! 

The most important thing I have learned is that exercise really is beneficial (I guess I didn't really believe all the scientists) and to never give up.  A little more energy and a little less cranky is always good!

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Michelle said...

I know it is so much easier to exercise if you have a buddy.

Diana said...

It took a year to feel like exercise was beneficial?! Oh, wow, I admire your determination. I find for me, the only way to make sure I have enough energy to make it through the day (especially after a night up w/the kids) is to get in a little morning workout---which sometimes is just walking slowly up the incline on the treadmill. The best, though---to go outside on a walk or bike ride with the kids. Not much for the heart rate, but a lot for the spirit.