Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grandma Heelis

Grandma Heelis was an excellent communicator.  We lived close enough to her for much of our married life that I had many opportunities to see her, and talk to her.  Grandma was good at writing notes, and letters, and I was blessed to receive many of these.  I was her first granddaughter-in-law and I always felt welcomed and loved as a member of the family.  Family was important to Grandma.

Grandma Heelis had many health challenges that kept her home, and not at all of the events that she would have liked to attend.  The thing I loved about Grandma, is that even though she couldn't often physically go and help people, or be at their special occasions, she helped many, many people from home.  Grandma sent us, and countless other people, notes for birthdays, and every possible occasion including holidays like St. Patrick's Day.  She loved giving gifts, and she didn't need a special occasion to give them.  I feel like we rarely left her home empty handed.  We'd get a treat at the very least and maybe a book, or some other little thing she thought we would like.

When I had to stay in bed during my pregnancy with Trisa, Grandma would call and check on me.  She did this even though, at the time, she was dealing with breast cancer and radiation treatments.  The day Trisa was born, Grandma was at the hospital having a treatment.  She and Grandpa stopped by my hospital room before they left.  They had just come in when the nurse brought Trisa for me to see for the first time (about four hours after she was born).  Trisa was their first great grandchild.

Grandma Heelis lived long enough to meet all of our children except Dan.  They all loved Grandma and Grandpa Heelis, and Dan sometimes talks about them as if he can remember them too.  We all liked to visit.  We knew we would be welcomed with joy, and that they would stand on the porch and wave as we left.  Grandma Heelis was a wonderful person.  She often did not feel well, but she never used that as an excuse to do nothing, but continued to help many people, including me.  Her calls, letters, and notes shared her faith, and her love, and let us know that we were important to her.

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stephanie said...

oh How I miss Grandma! what a great post