Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mamaw (Grandma) Cain

Mamaw Cain is my Kentucky grandma.  My parents did all they could to visit as often as possible and so I do have memories of my sweet Mamaw who tended to call me "honey" or "sugar" and ask if I would like a treat (Yes!), maybe some ice cream? (Of course!)  Mamaw was a nurse, and I remember her taking me with her on a walk down the street to give a man the shots that he needed.  It was then that I was positive that I did NOT want to be a nurse, but I thought my Grandma was smart, and brave, and I was right about that.

My Mamaw and Papaw did not have easy growing up years, and got married quite young.  They both worked very hard and they did their best to teach their children what was right.  When my Dad served a mission in Kentucky he baptized Mamaw, Papaw, and their three children, including my Mom.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was not a popular church to join, and it took courage to do what they thought was right.  They were the pioneers in their family, and I have been blessed because of them. 

Mamaw and Papaw were generous, and liked to help others.  They loved their children and grandchildren.  I remember when they added a room to their house so that some of my cousins, who faced a hard situation, could stay with them.  This was at a time when my grandparents were older, and it was harder to find energy for children, but they welcomed them into their home and took the best care of them they could.  Mamaw and Papaw loved them, taught them, and worried over them.

When my Uncle and my Papaw both died of cancer Mamaw was very sad.  I admire her because she still had faith, and courage, and she went off to serve a mission in the Atlanta, Georgia temple.  She loved that mission but still faced many years without Papaw that included her own trials with cancer. 

One fun thing about Mamaw is that she just couldn't wait to open presents.  My family sent her the 12 days of Christmas once, and my Mom reported that Mamaw sat right down and opened everything at once.  I think my Mom is like her in many ways, including this one, and perhaps that's where I get the curiosity that makes me rattle, feel, and weigh in my hands every gift I am given trying to guess what's inside!  I love my Mamaw.  I wish you could hear her sweet southern accent calling you sugar, and could know her kindness, and her ability to be bold in doing what is right.  I honor the sweet, smart, bold, kind, remarkable woman that is my one and only Mamaw.

*The top picture is my Mamaw and Papaw in May 1937 two months before their wedding.
**The second picture is my Mom, my sister Jenny, my niece Audrey, and Mamaw around 1995


Melissa Moody said...

Love The Picture Of Your Grandparents:) So Fun!

Happy Mom said...

I love this story and the pictures so much! I think you probably have a lot of you mamaw in you! Thanks for sharing!

Saimi said...

What a sweet, sweet picture of your Grandparents, I love the sparkle in her eyes!