Monday, May 6, 2013

The Joy of Possibilities

These fields are not by my house -- they are in Switzerland -- but it's the only picture of me and fields.

Today I got to go for a walk in the beautiful spring weather out into the quiet fields that are nearby.  As I was nearing home I was thinking of how, just last night, I was worried that I had so many things to get done today that I might not enjoy the day.  When I am tired, it is so much harder to see the happy possibilities in a busy day!  And yet, on the way home this morning, I could see how many blessings this day could hold.  I could feel joy, and knew that the day could be full of happy things.

I have loved the word possibilities since a time a year or so ago, when I felt trapped by pain and couldn't see much possibility for anything but more pain, and more things I couldn't do unless I wanted to add to the pain.  I was a bit depressed about this, and was feeling stuck.  Luckily, I have a good friend, who helped me to see that there were possibilities:  possibilities to feel better, to find solutions, or even to refocus on things that were in my life that were joyful.

Often I am overwhelmed because I fear that I will not have enough energy for the day instead of moving ahead with faith that there will be tender mercies along the way -- happy things to see and do, and good people to meet and learn from.  I believe that Heavenly Father is a God of happy possibilities and that every day has potential for good.  There is a chance to improve, to feel better, to find a friend, to discover a useful idea, and to be helpful to someone else.

I love the joy of possibilities.

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