Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thinking the Best

When I had the chance to share something from my marriage that might be helpful to others, I spoke about time, because it is important to me that I get to spend time with Derek, and have time to talk to him.  However, when I had time to ponder, I came up with what I wish I had said.  What I said was fine, and true, but in considering what I could have said, I was reminded of something that Derek has always done for me that makes a big difference in my life.

Derek always thinks the best of me.  He finds me to be a good person even on those occasions when I have let myself down, and know that I have not been as good as I want to be.  He believes in me all of the time, and seems to see in me the person that I really want to become.  This is a great gift to me.  Sometimes people act how you expect them to act, and I like that Derek expects me to do the right thing, and the good thing, but that when I fail, he still believes that I am the person who, in the end, will not fail at what is important.

Derek's birthday is on Sunday.  I am thankful for him, and for the gift he gives me of thinking, and believing the best things about me.


Saimi said...

You have a remarkable husband and I wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

What you said at the dinner was something I was going to say, so it was good. I think we all wish we had been able to think about what we wanted to say for a while before we said it and I wish that I wasn't last. It is a great thing to be thought well of by someone you love. Happy birthday BIL.