Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cedar City and St. George. Our Vacation Destinations

Last weekend our family had the privilege of seeing Aunt Michelle and Uncle Trent in the play Hello Dolly.  I wish I could have captured on camera the happiness that Michelle exuded while on stage.  It was a pleasure to watch her.   Trent did an excellent job also, and it was fun to try to help point them out to their well behaved (for their age) children who were sitting in front of us.

The rest of the weekend was in St. George with Quinn and Tonya and family, and I pulled out my camera (for a change) to prove we had been there.
Haven and Connor

Dan and R2 D2

 Trevor made by Trevor
 Trevor again.  This was made in his ceramics class.  I would have made a lopsided cup or something.
 My sneaky picture of Weston -- it happened  to also be of his Dad.
My "surreptitious" picture of Trevor.  Does he look familiar?
My apologies to those not pictured, except it's not entirely my fault because they were hiding from the camera.  Special apologies to the thespians because I forgot to take my camera to the play.

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