Monday, June 3, 2013

There is Always Help

I find it interesting that there are so many lessons to learn when it comes to getting things done.  Sometimes I have needed to learn to keep my expectations reasonable, or flexible.  Sometimes it has been good to remember that a large task can be done a little at a time.  Other times I have found that if I can just get started, I will at least make progress.  Today I needed to remember that I don't have to do everything all by myself.  There is help!

I have projects I want to do this summer.  I want to finally do the new floor in the guest / exercise room.    There is a lot to be done in the garden, and there are lots of regular chores to take care of.  In contemplating this week I was starting to panic, until I remembered that I have help.  My older children are good at helping my younger ones with chores and that saves me a lot of time.  They can all do things that make my list shorter -- and together we accomplish much more than I can do alone!  Hallelujah for helpers.

Often, when I am feeling overwhelmed, it is because I am thinking I need to accomplish a long list of things all by myself.  I don't like to ask for help -- but help is usually available somewhere if I will just make myself ask for it.  Even if there are no people around to help, there is prayer, and the wisdom of a Father who knows what is needed, and what we can let go.  He knows the best ways to do things, and He is aware of how much energy we do or do not have.  It really is good to remember that there is always help.

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