Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fiercely Loyal: Christensen Reunion 2013

The Christensen Reunion is always packed with activities.  Derek's parents have 49 grandchildren and there are usually 22 adults.  This year Uncle Bryon couldn't come, but Trisa's Travis came and so the number of people was the same.  I can't possibly adequately recap the reunion, but I can share a few of my favorite moments, and the ridiculously few pictures I took.

I liked Devin's devotional about Sir Thomas Moore and being fiercely loyal to what we know to be right.  Devin is always interesting, easy to hear, and articulate, with a bit of amusing thrown in for good measure.  I also liked his prayer for those working at night in the cherry industry since he was saying it for Kayli's benefit. 

I liked going for a walk at night up at Derek's parent's cabin with Derek and some of our kids and some of Megan and Leon's kids while Leon went down to retrieve a key we needed to get in.  I also liked that Leon energetically played a game with the kids even though it was late, making things more fun for them.

I really enjoyed watching Derek entertain his nieces this reunion.  It was so fun to watch them get really close up to him and argue whatever silly statement he had just made.  They giggled and laughed and it was fun to watch.

I love that the aunts and uncles love my children and care about what is happening in their lives -- it makes my children's lives better and I am so thankful that they have such good role models to turn to for a listening ear, and advice.

I liked that Travis jumped right in and helped with as many things as he could, and that he and Trisa were happy.

I enjoyed watching the music videos that we were assigned to make.  I was NOT thrilled to make one, but we ended up laughing really hard when we watched it, and we enjoyed all of the others too.

Finally, Connor and Porter challenged their Aunt Megan, who is a terrifically good sport, to a dance off.  Connor and Porter learned Napoleon Dynamite's dance, and Megan ended up recruiting some nieces to dance to the Minion's version of YMCA.  That was fun!  Dan added himself to her group too -- he couldn't resist doing a few moves!
 Aunt Megan -- Dance off Queen
 Good Uncle Derek trades hats with Sara
 Sara is in pink with Derek's hat
 Tyler carrying everyone's snacks for the hike.
 Trisa modeling our reunion tee shirt.
 Laura and Mandy having a chat in the woods.
 Mandy watching the slide -- before her nephews drench her in a water war.
Connor (The Dance off King) at the bottom of the huge slide.
On Saturday we had a devotional about being fiercely loyal to our country and its founding principles, and had a great "adult discussion" about communication and loyalty in marriage led by Doran.  All of these things are helpful, and enjoyable.  I think it is easy to be fiercely loyal to such a terrific family!

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Good summary! It was a great reunion.