Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Blessed Fuller Reunion

I love family reunions, but this year I seemed to look forward to the Fuller reunion with extra enthusiasm.  It sounded like a vacation.  Activities planned, great people to hang out with, and people to share in the menu planning, cooking, and cleanup.  The only disappointing thing for me was that Jenny did not feel well, but she is one impressive woman who somehow helped, kept a smile on, and even sang dramatically with Tina and me, even though she was feeling super lousy.

Dan, Hyrum, and Caleb.  Uncle Jeff is fun, and he has a backhoe to give boys rides in.
They loved it!

How many men does is take to get a go-cart running?
Three.  My Dad, and my brothers Brian, and Ray.  Much fun was had riding
the go cart around later.  Max, Jenny and Jeff's dog LOVES riding in the go cart!

 Dan fell asleep on his cousin Lauren's shoulder on the way to our Friday hike.
 These were some great hikers!  They were first to the waterfall.  Unfortunately,
with nobody to curb their enthusiasm, Caleb and Dan were soon sporting owies.
Hyrum was not hurt, except in his feelings.  He wanted to scale the walls like Spiderman
and his Mom thought it was a little dangerous in those shoes.  Poor boys!
 All children should have an uncle like Jeff.  Here he is with his boys Seth (in red) and Owen.
 Lauren, and Tina.  We weren't exactly all wearing the perfect hiking shoes!
 Can you find Kayli standing up high?
 I allowed Derek the great honor of taking my picture:)
Dan and Connor
Our reunion started on the 4th of July with a parade in Huntsville.  We enjoyed visiting during the day and went to the fireworks at night.  Besides these things, and the hike, we also had talks from both of my parents at different times, and a "Grand Ole Opry" at my Mom's request.  I'll write more about that later.  I had a terrific time and loved getting to visit with all of the family that could come.

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