Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9 / 11 / 2001 -- My Memories

This morning I came out of my room all sleepy eyed, and with a fun amount of bed head, to see my two high school students looking like they were ready to attend church, not head to high school.  I, not even knowing what day it was, asked why they were dressed up.  They said, "It's 9 / 11".  Ah, how proud I am of the high school students who not only honor this day by dressing up, but have been known to dress up to show support of classmates, or other people they are aware of who are having a hard time.  I want to write for them what I remember, and what I learned from a day that was very hard for every good person in our country.

Twelve years ago today I was four months pregnant with Jake.  I had three little girls who went off to elementary school, and I had Connor, who was two, and as cute as can be.  Derek was running late and was home still, and I, wearing my lovely white with pink floral maternity nightgown, was doing laundry.  The phone rang, which was a bit unusual for an early morning, but not unheard of.  I answered to hear my Mom, sounding upset.  She told me that I needed to turn on the television -- there had been a terrorist attack on our country.

I cry just to write the words.  I turned on the television, and Derek and I watched for a while before he headed to work.  Then I sat down, and spent my day watching the planes crash into those towers over, and over, and over again.  I saw the buildings fall multiple times, I watched in horror as people ran screaming, knowing that others didn't have time to run.  I heard tragic stories, and heroic ones.  I have no recollection of doing anything else that day.  I must have cared for Connor.  I had to have eaten.  I probably did more laundry, but when Derek got home he found me where he had left me, in a chair, with eyes sore from crying, watching the buildings fall.

Derek took the remote gently from my hands, and told me that I had seen enough.  He flipped through channels until he found the perfect thing for me -- the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing hymns of faith.  For the first time since I had sat in the chair, I could feel a peace covering me.  Heavenly Father would care for those who were gone, and those who are left behind.  Hard things can bring growth, and strength. 

For a while the country enjoyed a unity that is often missing.  We may not agree with our fellow countrymen, but they are OUR countrymen!  Flags flew constantly, and I couldn't drive around town without seeing them, and remembering.  I would feel sad for what had happened, and thankful for the wonderful nation that we are blessed with, and the good people who are in it.

I do not think I will ever forget the emotions of that day, and flags still remind me of the unity that an awful act brought as people forgot differences, and tried to help.

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Saimi said...

Wow, incredible Sher, you have some amazing children. I'm impressed they decided to honor the day by dressing up!!

I'm also impressed that your husband changed the news channel to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - what a perfect thing to listen to - to help the soul find peace on such a terrible day.