Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dan's First Grade Writing Book

Dan can fly so so fast!  He always saves the day!  He is so so so so awesome!
I was helping Dan and Jake clean their room today and I snuck Dan's first grade writing, handwriting, and spelling books out to recycle.  However, I do not want to lose some of the things he wrote and so I am going to put them here.  I'll just put the question the teacher asked and my best guess at a translation of his writing. 

Do you like to ride in an elevator?
Yes I do like the that part.  It is too fun.  I also like the seats.  They are comfy.

What do you like to eat?
I like to eats chips that are spicy

If you could be in a race as any animal what would you be and why?
A bunny because they hop fast and high.

If you could plant a garden what would you grow?
I would plant a watermelon apple(?) 

What would you do if you could stay awake all night?
I would look for bad guys.

If you could get messy what would you get messy in?
I would jump in mud.

How do you like to dance?
I like to shake my head and my hips and I like to hit my legs.

What would you do if there was a large pile of leaves and why?
I would jump in them and make a tunnel.

What weather do you like?
I like rain because we get to play in the puddles? my next favorite is snow!

Tell me about your birthday
I had a birthday cake and presents?  I had a robot cake.  One car set and two robots?  I like my birthday!

Where do you like to sleep?
In a bed den.  I know what.  Because my bed would be in there and my family would be there and there would be lights.

Do you like trees?
I like trees because!  We can make a tree house and I would sleep there with a door.

Do you like soccer?  Why?
Ya I love soccor Bececse we can win and you can cick a boll and Do you like soccor! (I used his spelling this time)

What foods do you like?
I like pizza because all the sauce and I like pickles because that tastes like pizza.

Would you like a pet bear?
Yes you bet ya!  Because I could throw him in the snow.

What sea animal is best?
I love jelly fish?  Because jelly fish rool!  And boys rool. (they rule, but I like his spelling)

Would you like to go into space?
Yes I would good!  Because you could float.

Who is your hero?
My Mom is My hero.  Because she helped me from grawdning. (Grounding?  Gardening?)

What seasons do you not like?
I do not like winter.  Because it is so, so, cold and it freezes my legs.

Do you like to help people?
Yes I do yes!  Because it's fun!


Happy Mom said...

Love this! Yay that you're his hero.

Saimi said...

I have to say, that Dan is my favorite - love all his wise and candid answers - I mean really, a watermelon apple? I've got to try one of those!!!

He's going to get a kick out of this when he's older, and you never know, he just might have a pet bear to throw in the snow when he's older!!!

Thanks for sharing!!