Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Can Do Hard Things

I have occasionally had days that seemed so bad to me that I prayed that Heavenly Father would send someone to my rescue.  I wanted help right then.  I just wanted a friend to drop by, or someone to call me.  I felt like I needed help to get through the day.  And nobody came.  Nobody called.  I was left to wonder, "Why?"  Was nobody listening to promptings?  Did nobody care about me?  Or was there another answer?  Thankfully, I have not wondered whether or not Heavenly Father cared, because I know that He does, but sometimes people do wonder that.  Why?  Why did nobody come to the rescue right when I thought I needed it?  And why does our loving Heavenly Father let us have bad days without sending a friend to help?

At the end of hard days of wishing for rescue, this is the conclusion I reached; if I never had to handle things that are really hard for me, I would never know what I am capable of.  Making it through hard days, like the ones I experienced, helped give me confidence that bad days end, and that I can endure until such a time as the rescue does arrive.  Sometimes there are multiple bad days, or even really hard things that no person can really rescue us from.  The hard things that we have handled before, can help us to have the courage to handle the hard things now, and in the future.  Heavenly Father was allowing me to trust Him, and His timing, and to learn to trust that I can do hard things.

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Saimi said...

Oh Sher, how I wish we could live closer! I'd love to be your friend to hang out with and do girl things!!! Your right though, our Heavenly Father does love us - enough to let us learn how to handle trials and to trust in Him!

Hang in there and know I'm thinking of you!!!