Monday, September 16, 2013

Tell Them About It!

When you think good things about someone, it is good to tell them!

One year I made it my goal to do this.  I was going to tell people when I noticed something good they did, or when something they said made a difference to me.  I wasn't perfect at it, but it made me more aware of how often there are things to admire about people, and how often they make a difference for good in my life.

Sometimes I would tell them in person, right when I noticed.  Other times I would write a note.  Here is the story of one of those times.

I had a friend who, I think, shared a testimony that was particularly meaningful to me, and so I sent her a note, thanking her.  She liked the note, and it arrived at a time when she felt she needed it, and so she, in turn, sent me a thank you note.  This happened to arrive on one of those days where I was feeling lonely and I was thankful for the reminder that people do care about me!  I benefited both from her testimony that prompted my note, and from the note she sent in return.  In trying to point out the good she had done, I am the one who, I feel, benefited the most!

I always enjoy knowing when I manage to do something well, or something that benefits someone.  I have found that it is just as rewarding to notice the good in the people around me, and to tell them about it! 

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