Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Odds and Ends

I haven't done as well at writing lately.   Here are some things we've done.

Trip to the Cabin:

This picture is for Aunt Tonya.  I have a LOT of pictures of this turtle you gave Dan.
Dan likes to take pictures.

Derek, Kayli, Connor, Jake, Dan, and I went up to Derek's parent's cabin on the first Friday of September and stayed overnight.  The most remarkable thing about that trip was the rain when we were getting home.  I don't remember ever seeing it rain quite that hard here in Payson and, as we got home, we drove down a road that looked like a river.  We were all drenched as we unloaded the truck as quickly as possible, and we went ahead and unloaded my four wheeler too since we were already soaking wet.  It was a nice break to go to the cabin.  We enjoyed four wheeler rides and having Derek's parents join us on Saturday, and we were glad to be safely down from the mountain when the torrential rain hit.

Sister Trip

Two weeks after going to the cabin I was on a trip with 7 of my sisters-in-law (two on that side of the family couldn't come).  We went to St. George together.  We played games, hiked, laughed, visited, toured the almost finished children's museum, and had lots of snacks.  Some of our planned events didn't work out, but this is a super nice group of ladies who know how to get along and make the best of things.  They put up with my driving all weekend.  The funniest moment was when I ran a red light (it was yellow when my front tires went over the line) and everyone in the car yelled (ahhhhhhhhh!!!) all the way through the intersection.  I should have perhaps taken a picture of the whole group of ladies.  Oops.

My Birthday.

The last Saturday in September was my birthday.  I am always impressed with how nice everyone is to me!  Friday Derek stayed home from work and we got to go to the temple and do some family names.  (Thanks Mom!)  It was great!  Then we went to lunch and did some Christmas shopping.  It was a fun day.  On my birthday I wanted to be lazy, so we slept in, opened presents, and watched a movie (in between phone calls from well wishers).  I got to end the day with a trip to the stake center to watch General Relief Society Conference with a friend.  It has been a good extended birthday.  I have been spoiled with lunches, presents, phone calls, emails, and texts.  All are appreciated.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Teasing Brother and a Wise Mother

My wise Mom and teasing brother long before this story actually happened!

A long time ago my really terrific oldest brother used to be quite a tease.  The interesting thing is, I don't really remember him tormenting me, but my Mother does, and in talking to her, I have come to think of that teasing as a gift.  This is why.

When my brother would tease, I would cry.  I remember enough to suspect that he followed me around, or held me down, tapping my head over and over and over again.  I would tell my Mom, and she would try to convince my brother to stop -- only it never worked.  He always did it again.  Finally she sat me down and explained that if I could keep myself from crying when he was teasing me, eventually he would stop.  She says that she can remember seeing me desperately trying not to cry, and she was right, once I learned not to react, he did stop.

When my Mom told me this story I knew that this is where I had learned a truth that has been a help to me my whole life.  Nobody has a life where everyone always treats them nicely, and I certainly did not.  I had big buck teeth, and children are not always kind.  I remember getting on the bus to taunts about my rabbit teeth, and I remember keeping my face straight, and telling myself not to react.  I knew that they would not keep teasing me day after day if I did not react, and I was right.  This was such a powerful thing to know!

This knowledge was helpful in another way.  As people were unkind, and I refused to react, and their behavior toward me changed, I came to realize that their teasing was more about what was wrong in their life than what was wrong with me.  This knowledge has allowed me to feel compassion for those who have decided to be mean; and that compassion takes away the pain their words or actions could cause.

I am thankful for this knowledge, and I believe that my life has been much easier because of the lesson that I learned from a teasing brother, and a wise mother.