Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dan Says...

...a lot of things in his prayers lately.  He is very thankful for many things, and his prayers are long.  The other day it was particularly long, and Derek and I peaked at each other wondering if we should stop him.  I mean, Derek had to go to work some time!  And the bus would eventually show up!  We did not stop him, and he eventually was done listing the many things he was thankful for.  I wish I could remember the list, I'm sure you would love it.

That night I was in his room having prayer with him before bed.  When he got done he said, "I didn't have so much to say tonight.  Remember when I said that nine minute prayer?  I was thankful for a lot of things!  It was a little more than nine minutes, it was almost ten minutes!"

Tuesday I wrote a Christmas song.  Dan loves it.  He told me so, and even asked me to sing it for him Friday night.  He thinks I should have my own radio station for my songs.  He was imagining me playing my song for the Primary kids.  He is sure they would not believe that I actually wrote that song.  He imitated for me what he thought they would say, "NO! That was so good!  You didn't write that?"  Yes, Dan is good at making me feel talented!

Friday night we were making up verses for my thankful song "The Things that I Like".  When we were done Dan said, "You are so funny!  My stomach hurts from laughing".  Jake was laughing too, so either I was really funny, or Dan laughing so hard was really funny (which is what I think).  Whichever it was, it made for a fun evening.

Finally, Saturday night at dinner Dan said, "Do you remember when I said that nine minute prayer?"  Ha! Ha!  He remembers!

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Mike said...

Sounds like when Dan speaks people listen.Ans he is a fine looking young man.Kinda runs in the family.