Friday, November 22, 2013

Knock On The Door

Random front door from Google Images
Pretty though!
When I was having such a hard time being pregnant with Dan, I used to go on walks.  I hoped that getting out of the house and moving would cheer me up, and help me have more energy.  Unfortunately, our neighborhood often seems rather deserted during the day, and sometimes this just made the feeling that I was alone worse!  I remember glancing at my friend's house as I walked by.  I was feeling quite upset, and was headed home so I could hide properly, when I had the thought come to "go and knock on the door". 

This happened on two different occasions, with two different friends who I hadn't seen in quite a while.  I was greeted by both with joy and kindness.  They invited me in, and listened to me, and were sympathetic and kind.  Not only that, but they talked to me, and made me feel like my visit was really important to them, and that they were so thankful I had come.  At this particular time I had such a hard time feeling useful, and these nice ladies helped me feel important to them.  I visited with them as often as I could after that, and this was very, very helpful to me.

I really feel like the thought to knock on their doors was a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father.  He knew that I needed the people behind those doors, and it is even possible that they needed me too.   They continue to be good friends whose examples of love and kindness I hope to follow if someone should ever feel prompted to knock on my door.

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