Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When you Think Nobody Likes You -- Think Again

I have the bad habit of feeling, and believing, on hard days, that I am unlikeable.  On those days I have a hard time thinking anybody really likes me at all -- even if I know they did yesterday!  This is not logical, and does my terrific friends and family a disservice, but it happens just the same.

This is where something I learned from Sister Virginia Pearce comes in handy.  She suggested in her book Through His Eyes that when we are feeling down and discouraged, we ask ourselves, "What am I believing right now?"  Once we decide what we are believing, we should decide if it is really true.  Is it true that Heavenly Father would believe I am unlikeable?  No, but Satan would be okay with me thinking that I am!

So, one day when I was feeling down I asked myself what I was believing, and I realized that, at that moment, I was believing that nobody liked me.  When I said this aloud it made me laugh because I know better than that!  I felt better immediately.

There can be multiple reasons for how we are feeling on any given day, but it is always good to check and make sure that the things we are thinking and believing are really true -- otherwise we might spend a lot of time suffering needlessly!

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