Saturday, December 7, 2013

Meeting Susan

I promised months ago that I would eventually tell the story of meeting my friend Susan.  Susan was in my ward at church, but I do not remember meeting her until I was assigned to be her visiting teacher.  She had just had a hip replacement (she's slowly turning into the bionic woman) and us visiting teachers were called to take a meal to the family.  I remember walking in and seeing Susan lying on the couch as my companion and I walked through to the kitchen.

For whatever reason, as I saw Susan there, I thought "we won't have anything in common".  I am starting to recognize that whenever this thought enters my head it is a sign that this person will be important to me!  Why I even had that thought is beyond me.  Susan and I are both women, wives, mothers, and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We love chatting, and laughing, and working together to get things done.  Without even trying hard it is easy to see that we have quite a bit in common.

As months went by, and I continued to go and visit Susan, I quickly discovered that Susan is an excellent listener who has a gift for being grateful.  I often don't see her for long stretches of time, but she has become more like a sister, who loves me no matter what, and no matter how often I get to visit her.  I believe that my assignment to visit teach Susan was inspired, because Heavenly Father knew that I needed Susan.  She is one of my very own earthly angels who reminds me by her example to be grateful, and who reminds me often that I am loved.

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Mike said...

I don't get to read all your stories but I really enjoy them when I get to.Funny how GOD takes care of us when we least realize it.