Friday, August 30, 2013

Dan's Birthday #7

Dan turned seven on the 29th.  He celebrated with a party the day before his birthday.  He had so much fun, and his friends / cousins spoiled him with nice gifts.  On his birthday we opened presents before school.  He really wanted a stuffed animal turtle, which he didn't get.  He does have a glow pet that should arrive today, but it is not a turtle!  Oops.  For a seven year old he did pretty well opening presents at his party.  He was generally enthusiastic and thankful.  He did okay when he opened presents on his birthday, but I did hear him say, "Well, at least I got a cool movie."  He has been a tad spoiled this year!  He had his first full soccer game on his birthday and prayed at night that he would only remember the good parts of his game.  Anyhow, he is a wonderful, dramatic, fun boy.  We love him a lot.  Here are some pictures.
Birthday Party Cake

 Lucas, Dan, Mason, Sam (Lucas wanted to help blow I think!)
It took Dan at least 7 blows to get those 7 candles out.
 Jordan and Dan sword fight.
 Dan said, "Take a picture of this Mom!"
 These were supposed to be our best fierce fighting faces.
 Did you know that Dan likes to pose dramatically?
This was his birthday cake (for the actual day)
I put the candles closer together this time,
but it still took a few tries to get those candles out!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honoring Kayli

 On Sunday my sweet Kayli received her Young Womanhood Recognition award.  She worked really hard on this and did it all without ever having to be pushed.  I really love this girl.  Derek and I feel really blessed that she is ours.  Congratulations to Kayli!
Kayli and Connor loved going out for shakes this Summer.
This was taken by Connor and I got it from facebook.

Our Annual Vacation

Every year, no matter where else we go, we try to make a trip to Idaho.  This isn't because we love potatoes so much, and it certainly isn't because the air treats us better.  I have kids that seem to be physically allergic to Idaho, but they love going anyway because it is hard to beat cousins to play with!  This year we were sad to be missing cousin Lauren who was off helping another Aunt and Uncle, but it was a fabulous trip anyhow -- at least for me.

My niece Kelli was visiting with her husband Jamie and their little girl Meleah.  It was very fun to see them.  Derek and I were even persuaded to play a game.  Gasp!  We stayed up way too late Thursday night (the 15th of Aug.) and had fun.  The next evening Derek and I were able to spend with my brother Brian and his wife Stephanie.  We went to a movie, and to dinner, and then walked around the Rexburg Temple having excellent conversations.  The temple was closed, but we enjoyed the beauty of the grounds and the chance to visit.

Saturday evening Derek and I got to go with Tina and Chris.  They all humored me and Chris drove all the way to Idaho Falls so that I didn't have to try to pretend I was really going to enjoy something on the menu at that Thai restaurant we went to last time we were there.  I'm not exactly known for my adventuresome eating habits!  I can eat food I don't like, but I'm afraid I haven't mastered keeping a straight face while doing it.  After we ate too much we walked up and down the trail in front of the Idaho Falls temple enjoying more excellent conversation.

Sunday was church day.  All of the kids had a cousin to go to class with, and I enjoyed a rare chance to attend an adult class (I'm usually in Primary).  Later we were able to eat a nice dinner that Tina and Stephanie prepared.  We ate at Brian and Steph's house and were happy to see my parents arrive safely from Utah.

Monday was a get up early and work day.  Tina and Chris were redoing their roof.  I didn't plan on helping because I've gotten steadily more afraid of heights as time has gone by.  However, I discovered that I enjoyed being on their roof and, as long as I didn't watch anyone who was by the edge, I did very well.  I wasn't a huge help, but sweeping away the slippery grit from the shingles we were taking off might have saved at least my own life and so I felt slightly heroic, which is always good.  Connor, Derek, and Kayli were helping, as were friends and neighbors.  Tina was cooking and cooking so that everyone had good food to eat when they were hungry.  Lots got done and after lunch we packed up and left the rest of the roof work to others.

Thanks to Derek, who drove, we arrived safely back home at the end of another fun vacation.  Hooray for the terrific Idaho cousins, and for my parents who fed us on the way there, and then let us get back in their house and eat their food while they were still in Idaho working.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The First Day of School 2013

Kayli, Connor, Jake, and Dan seemed to navigate through their first day of school just fine.  Here are some pictures.  You can especially admire the one of Dan in front of his classroom.  I took two and was going to try again but he declared that this one was just fine!  Enjoy.
Jake--6th Grade

Dan--2nd Grade

 Connor  -- Tenth Grade

 Kayli -- 12th Grade!

These are great kids.  I hope that they will be able to make their way through the challenges of a new school year with joy and hope and optimism.   I know that their classes will be better because they are in them, and that is a great blessing for a Mom.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

God's Love

This is a song I wrote for a friend.  If you would like to hear the melody then click here.  The usual disclaimer about my voice and the not great video quality applies.  Dan was my camera man this time, and he cut off the last note.  I guess he was done with the song by then!   I hope you will like my song at least a little bit!

God's Love
You know it rains sometimes
When we want the sun to shine
Dark clouds come rolling through
And we don't know what to do
The darkness seems like night
And we want to feel the light
But warmth and light both seem so far away
But do not fear my friend
Though the storm is crashing in
There are angels all around
To bring the light back down
When you lie down at night
Their love wraps you up tight
And holds you close until the morning light
And there are friends for you
Who will help to see you through
They will hold up an umbrella
And a lamp for comfort too
You will feel the warmth and strength
Of your angels who are near
And you'll know there is nothing you should fear
For Father's love is true
And He will see you through
He'll keep angels round about you
So that you'll know what to do
And peace will seep right in
As the storm begins to dim
And God's love sends sunshine to your soul
He'll send His sunshine to your soul.