Monday, January 27, 2014

My Goal of Health

White crane spreads its wings!
This year I am choosing to study any aspect of health that I am interested in.  I have, in these first few weeks, found this more interesting than I expected.  So far I have made menus, which has allowed me to shop for groceries with actual meals in mind.  I am thankful not to have to come up with meal ideas every day.  We still have days when we eat "whatever we can find in the fridge", but at least there are actual meals to find sometimes!

Derek had the idea of me trying Tai Chi.  So far I have learned that I like the names they have for each move like, "Part The Wild Horse's Mane" and "White Crane Spreads its Wings".  It takes a bit of patience to learn every move properly.  There is a proper order for things; heal down, toes down, shift weight, etc.  The idea is to learn every movement so well that you can do it automatically, and correctly.  It's kind of like doing a super slow motion dance.  I think it is fun, and I will like it better when I know more than 3 of the forms.

There are some aspects of health that I don't struggle with but someone in my family does. I have a husband and some children who have trouble getting to sleep, and staying asleep.  I found Jake on his bedroom floor huddled in a ball this morning upset that he hadn't slept all night.  Thursday night it was Dan who couldn't sleep all night and the poor boy had bags under his eyes by afternoon!  Hopefully I can study out a way to help them sleep better.

I will like to study play because it sounds fun to find new things I like to do, and  I will enjoy studying forms of meditation to help me stay calm in challenging times!  Health is ending up to be a far more interesting goal than I believed it would be at first.  There is always something to learn!

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Saimi said...

At first I thought Tai Chi was a food of some sort haha - It's so hard when you can't get a good nights rest, have you ever tried melatonin? I keep a box of Mid-Nite on my nightstand. It's a small white pill that dissolves in the mouth and it doesn't make you feel drossy when you wake up no matter the time of night you take one. It's safe and natural. Although it's not recommended for children so I don't know what do to there.

Marcy said...

Sounds like some great goals. I love learning about ways to be healthier. I’m not always so good at implementing them, but I like the ideas.