Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Barbecuing in the Dark

To answer my own questions from yesterday I will tell you that I once tried barbecuing hamburgers in the dark.  Even with a porch light, and maybe a flashlight, it was rather impossible to tell how cooked those hamburgers were.  They ended up being extra crispy because I have a strong dislike for non cooked, or partially cooked meat, and I erred on the side of leaving them too long.  So, if my family wanted to eat good, non burnt food in the winter, we'd have to eat earlier, or at least I'd have to prepare the food earlier.

I'm pretty sure I'd go to bed earlier in the winter.  After all, sometimes even with electricity I think seven feels kind of late in the winter!  In the summer we'd probably stay up later and we'd need to eat an extra snack.  The longer I'm up, the hungrier I get and it's hard to go to sleep hungry!

And, as for sleeping without a fan, I once knew how to do that.  Of course, I used to listen to Air Supply or something so I could go to sleep, and that would take electricity, but I think I could do without that too.  My roommates in college were kind, but didn't let me listen to whatever I wanted at night like my tolerant big sister!

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